What should your No. 1 social media priority be,according to entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk? Eavesdropping on Twitter.

"Twitter.com/search is probably the most interesting website to me on the Internet," Vaynerchuk, co-founder of content strategy company VaynerMedia, told Inc. Twitter's search page allows users to find out what Twitter users are saying about a topic or keyword, whether or not it's attached to a hashtag.

"[It's] the ability for any entrepreneur -- whether you sell lollipops or sneakers or whatever you do for a living -- to go in and be able to use Twitter search. Search what people are talking about and then jump into the cocktail party, whether you have zero followers or a million." 

Vaynerchuk recommends taking advantage of the fact that you don't necessarily have to participate in the conversation if you're simply looking to take the pulse of the crowd. "Twitter is the one place that allows you to listen," he said.

But if after a while you're still hesitant to chime in, consider that as a CEO people want to hear from you.

"It's the biggest place where we can bring value. It's access, which people want," Vaynerchuk said.

For more of his best social media advice, check out the video below.