Ahead of the Grammy Awards this weekend, Spotify and Shazam tapped their respective mounds of data to come up with a list of predicted winners.

Spotify's digital music service is used by 60 million people worldwide. The company's rankings are based on the total number of Spotify streams for each nominee. Here are the results: 

Record of the Year: Chandelier, Sia

Album of the Year: X, Ed Sheeran

Best New Artist: Sam Smith

Song of the Year: Chandelier, Sia

If placing your bets on these artists feels too safe, Spotify also came up with a dark horse predictions list. These picks are based on a metric Spotify calls "virality," which is the song's or album's number of streams divided by its number of shares. 

In this case, Sia still comes out on top for record of the year, but Girl by Pharrell Williams, Bastille, and Take Me to Church by Hozier win Album of the Year, Best New Artist and Song of the Year respectively. 

Now over to Shazam. The mobile app, which has been downloaded 500 million times -- and the company says is actively used by 100 million monthly -- helps users immediately identify a song they're listening to. 

The company based its results on the total number of shazamed songs from Feb. 1 through December 2014. According to that data, the following artists have the best shot at taking home a golden golden gramophone: 

Record of the Year: All About That Bass, Meghan Trainor

Best New Artist: Sam Smith

Song of the Year: All About That Bass, Meghan Trainor and Kevin Kadish

(Because Shazam only identifies individual songs, it couldn't offer up a prediction for album of the year.) 

In the end, Grammy winners are decided by voting humans, not data, but it will be fun to see how close these companies' predictions come. Post-awards ceremony, Shazam promises to release more data on which songs were most shazamed throughout the night.