While the startup community has recently worked to make the subject of failure less taboo, there's still one arena in which the topic feels incredibly off-limits. 

That is at home. Because who really wants to set an example of failure for their children?

But that's the wrong way to think about it, according to Nina Vaca, CEO of Pinnacle Technical Resources, an IT services provider.  

Vaca's parents immigrated to the United States in the 1960's, and she saw them admit defeat multiple times after the businesses they started didn't work out.

"I grew up watching my parents fail, and fail and then fail again. And I watched them … lose homes and have and have not," she says. "And through that I'd like to say that I had a front row seat to entrepreneurship." 

Vaca says that over the years she learned what really goes into running a business.

"So don't be afraid to let your children see you sweat. Don't be afraid to let them see you cry and let them see you fail over and over and over again," she says.

"Because, you see, there is no such thing as an overnight sensation. And that failure that I saw them go through was probably the best example of my life."

To hear more of Vaca's story, check out the video below.