Not everyone has superhuman-like productivity skills. But is it possible that with right learning methods almost anyone can?

Angel investor and author of the "The 4-Hour Workweek" Tim Ferriss is currently testing the theory in a new TV show. "The general thesis and message of the show is that to produce superhuman results, you don't need an infinite budget; you just need a better toolkit," Ferriss said in an interview with VentureBeat

Throughout the 13-episode-long reality TV show called The Tim Ferriss Experiment, Ferriss attempts to pick up a new skill -- like becoming fluent in Spanish -- or accomplish a huge feat -- like building a business -- in four days.  The first episode, for which Ferriss received a crash course in drumming, premiered Sunday on CNN’s Headline News Network.

Ferriss is known for writing about productivity hacks, tricks that he's learned through self-experimentation. The show aims to demonstrate how these hacks work. For example, Ferriss offered a specific takeaway from his Spanish language learning experiment: 

"Density of practice is very, very important. One hour a day per year is only 1 percent as effective as cramming for 52 hours in two weeks -- distributing your time over a year is not nearly as successful," Ferriss told VentureBeat. 

Ferriss assured that not all of his experiments will be successful. "Some end with me in a complete train-wreck," he said. 

It’s currently available to watch online

Published on: Dec 2, 2013