Before eyeglasses company Warby Parker moves into a new workspace, the first thing it does is tear down the walls. 

An open office setup lets everyone see and hear what other departments are up to. And it's is hugely important for all employees to be in the know, especially for job satisfaction reasons, Warby Co-founder Neil Blumenthal says.

"What we're finding is that this generation of workers, it's all about: what can I learn? How can I be focused toward a mission?" Blumenthal says. So, in addition to forming a mission -- to transform the optical industry -- he's tried to embed continuous education into employees' routines.

Warby Parker employs 500 people. The company just raised a $100 million round of funding, which puts the its valuation at $1.2 billion.

"One of our core values is helping each other grow professionally and personally," Blumenthal says. "So we've created mechanisms to do so, whether it's monthly informal feedback sessions, quarterly 360 reviews." 

And, importantly, in addition to their own responsibilities, Blumenthal wants everyone to understand their colleagues' jobs. 

"We have full team meetings in which there is sort of that opportunity for everybody to understand what the different departments are doing, and even something as simple as setting up Google Moderator, where people can anonymously ask questions for us to answer," he says.

For more tips on how to make sure your employees are always learning, check out the video below.