When an advertising agency adopts a name like Wexley School for Girls, there's bound to be some confusion. (Indeed, there have been plenty of mail and delivery mix-ups.) 

But despite the misleading nature of the name, the company's co-founder Cal McAllister says he wouldn't have picked any other way to present his agency. That's because Wexley School for Girls authentically represents his offbeat team.

McAllister says -- only half jokingly -- that he's sure the name "deflects business daily." He added that if he is losing potential customers due to a misunderstanding over the company's name, that's O.K. because those clients probably wouldn't have understood Wexley's quirky approach to advertising anyway.

"We also didn't want to come up on people's calendars just as their advertising agency," McAllister explains. "We didn't want to come up … as something that said, 'Oh, my agency is coming in to give me agency ideas.'"

Rather, when clients looked at their agenda and saw that they had a meeting with the Wexley School for Girls, McAllister wanted them to get excited and to know that it would be the best part of their day. 

"It's never been easier for us to sell our ideas because -- if you understand our approach -- and that's what our name does … then you're gonna understand the work that we want to do," McAllister says.

For more on how to display your authenticity, check out the video below.

Published on: Jun 3, 2015