In the age of social media, personable leaders fare much better than their more abrasive counterparts, according to Likeable Media co-founder Dave Kerpen. 

"Because of how fast things travel [on the internet], there's no room for the nontransparent, unlikable, dominant, aggressive leader anymore," he says. 

This kind of CEO has trouble earning trust and therefore has difficulty doing business with others. 

Carrie Kerpen, Likeable Media CEO and Dave Kerpen's wife and business partner, agrees with her co-founder on this point. She encourages other leaders to be more human, both online and in person. 

"When you are relatable, it makes you much more credible," she says. 

If you're still not convinced of the business case for displaying more compassion and authenticity at work, consider the personal benefit.

"Whether or not you see an immediate ROI on these things, you see an immediate ROI on your own happiness," Dave says.

For more tips on how to be your authentic self online and at work, check out the video below.