There are so many ways virtual reality technology has yet to be improved, and this is exactly why Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash says he is so confident about its future.

Oculus, creator of a virtual reality headset, was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion last year. Speaking at Facebook's annual developer conference recently, Abrash said that once Facebook decided to give virtual reality the time of day, "there was no longer any doubt about whether VR would get the runway it needed to fulfill its potential." Other tech giants like Samsung, Sony, and HTC have also jumped into the market recently.  

The field has a long way to go, however. 

"VR today is good enough to create experiences, but just barely," Abrash said. 

Visuals, audio, and VR's integration with the real world all need improvement. With his talk, Abrash aimed to convince the thousands of developers in the room that now is the perfect moment to dedicate their time and resources to these problems. 

He attempted to do this mostly by demonstrating a series of visual illusions (similar to the pictures of the much talked about black/blue or white/gold dress) that showed how much scientists already know about the ways the mind can be manipulated. Abrash's intent was to get everyone excited about the science we have yet to discover.

"Real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain," Abrash said, quoting Morpheus from the movie "The Matrix."

In the video below, Abrash applies that principle to demonstrate how creating an alternative reality can be just that simple. Check out the video below to see several mind-bending tricks. 

Published on: Mar 30, 2015