Your employees' New Year's resolution for 2014? Get a new job. 

More than 80 percent of North American employees plan on actively looking for new work in 2014, according to a large annual poll by Right Management, a global provider of talent management services.

The results are based on survey responses from 871 employees in the U.S. and Canada. Only 5 percent of workers said that they intend on staying at their current place of work next year. The remaining 12 percent either responded "maybe, so I'm networking" or "not likely, but I've updated my resume," when asked if they plan to pursue new job opportunities in 2014.

"These numbers should signal a wake-up call for top management, when four out of five employees say they intend to look for employment elsewhere," Scott Ahlstrand, Right Management's global practice leader for employee engagement, said in a statement. 

When it comes to retaining your employees, you’re not disadvantaged as small business manager. It’s not a swanky office or outlandish benefits that workers need in order to be happy, according to Inc. contributor Les McKeown. He recommends four things you can give your employees in hopes of holding on to them. 

Good communication. Talk often, even if it feels like you're over doing it. 

Consistency. When you say you're going to do something, do it -- whether it's showing up for a meeting or seeing a small project through to completion. 

The opportunity to do great work. Give every employee an equal shot at accomplishing this. 

A decent non-toxic manager. This repeatedly tops the list as to why good employees leave.