Being busy is a buzzkill, says Dare to Engage Founder Anese Cavanaugh.

"How many of you get really inspired and energized when you hear another person talk about how busy they are?" Cavanaugh asks during a speech at the Inc. Women's Summit

As a leadership coach, Cavanaugh has seen numerous executives deflate their employees' spirits by constantly calling attention to their own overloaded calendars.

"Watch your impact when you're talking about it with your team," she says. "Watch your impact when you see a person at a grocery store and you start to tell her how busy you are." 

Despite the negative vibes that talk of your jam-packed schedule might be injecting into your team, in all likelihood you probably are really busy. So what can you do to make that reality more bearable for both you and your team?

"Get really present to what is actually happening," Cavanaugh says. "If I'm fully present in this moment, I do not feel busy."

Additionally, you can change your vocabulary, and in doing so, your perspective.

"I like to think of it as: I am richly scheduled," she says. 

Trying saying that to your team--especially with a smile on your face. Then observe the difference in their reactions. 

For more on coping with the busyness that comes with being a leader, check out the video below.