In this global economy, despite the growing presence of connective technologies, business travel is still a necessary evil.  When you're young the idea of a fancy hotel room in another city or  country seems  glamorous. But once you've been in the business world for some time, even the fluffy robes can't get you excited about another trip. 

Here are nine tips that can reinvigorate your  business travel:

1. Hydration

As simple as it sounds, you would be shocked at how few people are actually properly hydrated when they travel, especially by air. The plane cabin's humidity is much lower than what you typically encounter on a daily basis, and can lead to dehydration which can cause fatigue, headaches and even worse symptoms.

Make sure you chug a bottle of water before, during and after you're on a plane to offset some of these negative side effects.

2. Love Notes

In relationships it's all about the little things.  This is easy to forget when you're rushing from city to city.  Nothing makes you feel more connected to home than a love note to or from your partner. 

Make it a point to leave a note on a pillow, in a shoe or on the mirror for them to find after you embark.  It's a great practice to show how much you appreciate how forgiving your partner is about your constant absence.  The smile on their face when they find a hidden note means you'll hopefully have your partner jump on you when you get back.

3. Grease the Wheels

Yes it sounds a little old school, but you'd be amazed at how much you can get by just asking. 

Recently I tried this at a 5 star hotel.  I checked in and gave the desk clerk a $20.  I asked if there were any upgrades based on hotel capacity.  I was instantly upgraded from a room to a private bungalow. 

This wont work every time, but you don't make 100% of the shots you don't take.  To me that's worth the $20.

4. Points, Points, Points!

Making sure you have a great low interest credit card that you put all expenses on and pay off at the end of every month is a great way to feel like your business travel can have a personal gain. 

Especially for frequent fliers, there are credit cards dedicated to upgrades, tickets, hotel discounts, etc. which will make your travel that much sweeter, knowing that your business trip to Denver will help get you that much closer to well deserved R&R in Hawaii. Let's face it, everyone looks and feels better with a tan.

5. Mixing Business & Pleasure

It's a saying for a reason. If you're traveling to a city you frequent, there's nothing wrong with mixing your business purpose.  Having dinner with an old friend or taking the time to walk a new museum will make you feel like you are still at least attempting to live a balanced life. If you can, even try to schedule in a whole personal day just for these types of activities.

When I'm in NY on business, my guilty pleasure is shopping on the streets of Soho with a Tastee Freez.

6. Have a Routine

The reason some people hate travel is that it throws a monkey wrench in their daily routine, but there's no reason you can't adapt.

If you make a pot of French press coffee every morning, have room service deliver it and enjoy drinking it in bed while you read the paper.  Shift your mentality from the negative "I have to" to the positive "I get to." 

7. Get to Know the Hospitality Crew

Knowing people's names and introducing yourself to the management and service crew will make you feel less disconnected.  It's also another great way to potentially receive perks. 

That complimentary cocktail will make the travel that much easier and when people know your name it can ease the stress of being in a new city, especially if you are solo. 

Remember, you never know where the business is going to come from and everyone talks to bartenders, so making friends could benefit your business as well.

8. Download to Stay Connected

Don't you hate missing out on your favorite shows?  With iDevices and connectors, it's like bringing your DVR with you wherever you go.  Most people forget that hotel room TV's have outputs that you can plug into and watch your own movies, TV shows, etc. so you don't feel like you're missing out while on the go.

9. Don't Trip Out on Your Diet & Exercise

We've all seen the sea of suits with the giant beer belly and the sullen face.  Many business people use travel as an excuse to let themselves go, and it shows.

In fact, a lot of the business travel blues can be attributed to poor diet and exercise. Almost every hotel has some form of a gym and if doesn't, put on your tennis shoes and go on a walk to explore. 

The same goes for your diet.  If you wouldn't eat and drink that way when you're home, why would you do so on a business trip?

Traveling for work can be exhausting, overwhelming and isolating, but by traveling smarter, you can save time and money and make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.