So you took the ultimate risk and charged into the world of entrepreneurship, mazel tov! You brought together all the intricate elements of creating a business and now you're ready to begin marketing. As most entrepreneurs do, you probably put this task on the back burner and may be asking yourself where to even begin? It's ok, starting your marketing efforts may seem like a daunting task, but don't panic! There's a process to it and with a bit of elbow grease you can successfully market your venture in no time.

Let us start with the basic marketing 101 principles everyone forgets when it comes to actually implementing a strategy. First off, define your target market and audience - this is vital as it creates a clear goal as to who your business will be communicating to. This will also help you determine if your business is engaging the right potential clients. Second, create a brand voice that is friendly, knowledgeable and represents your company values. The smarter, wittier and more helpful your brand voice exhibits, the better. This will help your customer engagement and relationship building. Lastly, examine what marketing channels your industry excels best in. You want to channel your marketing efforts onto the right platforms to help maximize your ROI and reach your potential clients successfully.

Next comes building your online presence. If you haven't already, build a modern website - think of your website as a tool that will help connect your potential clients with business news, unique content and industry resources. Optimizing your website's SEO with current keywords in your industry can help search engines give you priority optimizing your visibility over the competition. Writing blogs on your website about internal news and industry trends also helps increase your visibility further. Blogs also make for great content that can be re-purposed and shared over social media. Once your website is properly optimized creating a capture mechanism like a newsletter allows you to start email marketing initiatives. This will allow you to build an email directory of prospects and another way your business can stay top of mind to your audience. Through email, subscribers can stay connected to you through news, promotions, events and sales.  

Social media is the other side of the coin. Social and digital advertisement have become synonymous and are necessary tools to create successful marketing campaigns in today's digital world. You must develop interesting and captivating social content that engages your audience. High quality photos and videos are necessary, however using trending hashtags and geo-tagging can really distribute your content beyond its intentional limits. Sponsoring or doing cross-promotional campaigns with social influencers in your industry can also help expose your company to audiences that trust and buy from these internet gurus. Lastly, you must remember that social media marketing is a pay-to-play environment now - no longer can we rely on simple organic traffic to market businesses. You must set aside a dedicated budget for social media marketing in order to be successful.

Lastly you want to use your social media and digital platforms to funnel your audience back to where you generate capital for your business. Keep in mind marketing is all about communication and this process takes a bit of time, practice and testing in order to get right. Don't rush the process and analyze every step and be ready to pivot your marketing efforts as needed.

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