The influx of technology and a younger work-force necessitates that companies have more creative work environments now more than ever before. It could even be argued that people coming into the workforce now have the expectation of certain perks, attitudes and flexible work-life schedules. As such, companies that fail to adapt to these changing times are also finding it harder to retain top talent, which is why it's important to infuse some time for play into your busy work schedule.

Here are the top 3 reasons to incorporate play into your work life.

  1. Stop & Smell The Scrabble

    Take the time to schedule fun into your daily life at work. If you're the boss, this can be as simple as asking your assistant to pencil an hour or even a half an hour into your week. Taking time out when creativity is low can reinvigorate your team and creates a unique bonding experience.

    Whether it's Boggle, Taboo, Jenga or Scrabble, play makes work a little more bearable.

  2. Make it Part of Your Why This as simple as creating a mission statement that incorporates the word fun or play, for example, my agency's mission is: "Our vision is to be a unique playful full-service marketing agency that brings companies and brands to life globally through engaging digital strategies and live events that make them more visible and more profitable."
  3. Create Loyalty

    With so many companies out there competing for the same pool of talent, it's important to make your company stand out and create a nurturing and connected environment. There's no substitute for a strong team and no better way to create team bonding then through playful interactions.

    Even if you don't do it because you like to play, do it for the rest of your team. They will thank you and be with you longer because of the creative environment you've fostered.

Life and work are stressful. With hundreds of platforms inundating you with information every day and the expectation that you move at the speed of light, it's important to take time to recalibrate and connect with your team. Playing within your work also reminds you that you can't take things too seriously. Everyone has a bad day, a pissed off client, or a lost deal. Taking a moment to play makes you realize that this too shall pass and can put a smile back on even the grumpiest face.