I recently visited the warehouse of BOXFOX and had the opportunity to speak with the three ladies behind the brand, Chelsea Moore, Jenni Olivero, and Sabena Suri. We sat down to chat about thoughtful gifting, curating the best products for their customers, and what the future holds for the innovative brand.

LM: Let's start by giving me a snapshot of you and the company.

CM: I'm Chelsea Moore, co-founder and CEO of BOXFOX. I am in charge of the creative direction of the brand, from photography to design to marketing to web. Aside from that, all three co-founders have our hands on most large-scale projects.

JO: I'm Jenni Olivero, co-founder and COO. My day-to-day focus is on all things operations. That encompasses overseeing our fulfillment team and processes, to projecting and ordering new inventory, to budgeting and finances.

SS: And I'm Sabena Suri. As co-founder and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), I'm responsible for our underlying business strategy, including developing our Corporate Gifting arm while identifying and developing innovations that will help us stand out in the marketplace, from technology to products.

LM: Tell us about your origin story. How did you come to start this company?

CM: Right out of college, a good friend of ours was hospitalized and we found ourselves unable to visit because of our own crazy work hours.

JO: What do you do when flowers don't quite cut it and a situation calls for a gesture that's purposeful, personal, and presentable?

SS: We wanted to gift a care package with elevated essentials to show our support even when we couldn't physically be there. This clear need inspired the idea for BOXFOX, a platform that provides customers with the tools to build unique and personalized gifts from all the best brands in one place.

LM: What was your favorite part about starting BOXFOX?

CM: My favorite part about starting this company is being in control of our culture. It's not only important to us to offer a one-of-kind service to our customers, but also to create a workplace that makes us and our employees inspired to come to everyday. As we grow, we want to consistently provide more opportunities for our employees to rise to the occasion and discover their full potential.

JO: For me, it's the chance to create a company from the ground up. When we were concepting this company, we had the unique ability to truly start from scratch, from our logo to our color palette to the products we source and the boxes we curate. The result is an extension of the three of us -- our own unique blend of style and taste.

SS: It's the knowledge that we've created this service based off of a true need that is making our world a more connected, giving place. On a personal level, it's been great to go outside of what I thought possible for myself and learning how to ask for what I want, learn and grow from my mistakes, and learn to listen to my gut.

LM: Talk to us about the aesthetic/branding of BOXFOX.

SS: From our first conversations around our aesthetic, we knew that as a gifting brand, presentation was going to be key. The brand is a combination of what you see and how you feel when you receive one of our gifts.

CM: When you receive a BOXFOX, you feel the quality of the keepsake box, you're taken aback by the impeccability of the packed product, the personal nature of the handwritten note, and you're impressed with the attention to detail. It's that meticulous, hands-on feel that carries through who we are and what we do. We're also very particular about how our boxes are presented through photography. We pay very close attention to how things are packed, the angles we shoot, and the color story we're telling.

JO: When creating our brand, our ultimate goal was to create something clean and neutral, where the hero of each exchange is the relationship represented -- yet something that still feels distinctly BOXFOX when you see it.

LM: Talk to us a little bit about why you think BOXFOX has been so successful.

CM: We're committed to bringing a well-branded solution to the industry. When you're gifting, it should be simple to do so with purposeful products that pack a punch.

JO: While it was always important to us that BOXFOX is able to scale quickly and implement processes that allow for that kind of growth, we've also always been committed to the personal touch that inspired us to start this company. I think our customers really appreciate that unique combination.

SS: I believe that the companies that impact our lives the most are the ones that make us say "how did this not exist before?" Our success stems from offering a service that solves a real problem. We started this company because we experienced a need, firsthand, time and time again. Every part of our solution was designed to answer that need, always with the goal of making gifting more authentic and accessible.

LM: What is your take on the future of BOXFOX? What's next?

CM: From a creative perspective, I really want to expand the bounds of how we present BOXFOX to the world. We are the sum of our amazing brands, but we're also a brand ourselves--we're constantly redefining ourselves creatively and it's an exciting challenge for a company as visual as ours. Beyond that, we're committed to designing and launching our own unique products to further our mission of bringing all the best brands under one roof.

JO: Operationally, I get most excited about how we can streamline our processes, from making our fulfillment that much more efficient to using data to get our inventory predictions down to a science. We're committed to scalable personalization and as much as that can be a challenge, it's something that equally motivates me.

SS: Strategically, we're invested in how we can become an even more significant part of people's lives. Whether that's reaching new customers through new offerings or interacting with our existing customers in unexpected ways, we've got big plans around tech, retail, and product.

The only question left is what will you choose for your gift box?