If you follow On Brand, you know that I attended the Heart Series Conference last February and had the opportunity to speak with leaders of great heart-led brands. One of these amazing companies represented at the conference was This Bar Saves Lives. These granola bars are the vehicle to make social impact. I caught up with Karina Farris, PR Specialist and Clancy Cauble, Head of Social Good to find out more. 

LM: Let's start with your names and company and then we'll start with your origin story.

KF: I'm Karina Farris. I'm a PR Specialist at This Bar Saves Lives.

CK: I'm Clancy Cauble. I'm the Head of Social Goodness at This Bar Saves Lives.

LM: Tell me about This Bar Saves Lives. You just went through a rebrand, correct?

KF: We are about to, by the time this comes out. We'll be rolling out in Starbucks nationwide with our new packaging and new logo. We'll be on Delta flights, with our Madagascar Vanilla, almond and honey bar. This will be the most available our product have ever been, so we are very excited about it.

LM: For those who don't know, can you tell us what This Bar Saves Lives is?

CK: We're a granola bar company that has a large giveback factor built into the DNA. For every granola bar sold, we provide life saving food aid to children who are fighting malnutrition. 

KF: We like to say that we're in the business of doing good. Our mission is fighting childhood malnutrition and we just happened to sell granola bars. Our bars are the vehicle to make this impact happen. So, primarily social enterprise and, maybe one day, we'll be outside of the granola bar space.

LM: If you continue on the path that you're currently on, I would imagine other product lines will be shortly coming down the line. How has the Heart Series Conference for you?

CK: It's been so good. I mean, on a couple different fronts. One, it's inspiring to hear the success that has been achieved by so many different companies that are for-profit and not-for-profit and how successful they can be, not only financially, but also with having such a large impact. It's been very educational, I've definitely learned a lot that I'll be taking back to the company. 

LM: What's the one thing that you want people to know about your product line?

KF: I like to say that we are one of the best tasting better-for-you snack bars out there, that it not only feed your stomach, but feeds your soul. We really pride ourselves on using whole, real ingredients that you can look at it and see that it's mainly a nut and fruit mix, with a touch of rice and chocolate.

It's not a protein bar, but it's a great snack and we really want to invest in the nutrition of consumers here in America. We're not skimping on the aid that we're delivering abroad. We partner with the best giving partners like Action Against Hunger, Vitamin Angel's Feeding America to really deliver on the promise that we're telling our consumers and we're dedicated to being transparent with them. That's a huge reason why we brought on Clancey. She's done an amazing job at really fostering these relationships with not only our giving partners, but also our beneficiaries and she's out there on the frontlines getting content, vetting our giving partners, really ensuring that they're doing what they're say they're doing, but also are working with the local communities in a sustainable way. You see so many for profit companies wanting to do social good, but they're not really sure how to go about it, and sometimes, unfortunately, people have great intentions but they can't follow through or they are dumping money into a situation, not fully being educated on what's going on. Maybe a company is providing financial support for an organization there that isn't being super sustainable.

We partner with Second Mile Haiti in Cap Haitien. They treat children who are severely malnourished with Plumpy'nut. We provide 100% of the donations at this complex, and while their children are being treated, they're giving their mothers educational classes not only about nutrition and how to properly feed your child, but also enrolling them in business classes. They're learning how to farm, they're learning how to market their products and this will eventually hopefully solve the issue of children being malnourished due to lack of education or lack of resources.

C: We really are committed to having a positive impact, not only with the focus on providing aid, but also who we partner with and the ways that we do it, having a net positive impact on treating malnutrition as a whole. The thing I would want our consumers to know would be that you can be an everyday humanitarian, obviously through our company, but we're not the only company that's doing this. We're just doing it really well in the food market and this is just one way if you already buy granola bars. Everybody buys Starbucks, everybody gets hungry. This is one way to make a small adjustment in your life to have a really large scale impact. What's beautiful about the Heart Series is that I'm able to discover how many companies are doing that in so many different markets. You can buy your shoes ethically. You can buy your granola bars and have an impact. You can buy everything ethically. And there's not a large scale shift that's necessary to do it. It's simply living with a larger sphere of concern in order to really make an impact. You don't have to go to Ghana and live for 10 years, which is amazing, but you can really just be aware.

This Bar Saves Lives is changing lives and helping consumers do the same with their mission of social good built right into their DNA.

Published on: Jul 3, 2018
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