In the United States, over 80 percent of workers claim their job is stressful; however, half of that percentage affirmed that they truly need help in order to manage the stress. Many people speculate what kind of help overstressed workers need to be productive at their various offices. An interesting solution might be to apply paradigm shift in the way we define stress. We should consider stress as something that has the potency to fuel productivity.

Recent research carried out in the United Kingdom shows that some level of stress is actually helpful to make workers become productive. Your body would interpret that little stress a survival strategy, there improving your longevity as well as your cellular health.

Generally, too much of stress can have a serious implication on our health. It is capable of hurting your physical well-being; just the same way it will hurt you mentally. However, this new research has proven that it is capable of fueling productivity at work.

Here are some of the ways you can channel stress into productivity.

Improve Your Productivity

Have you ever wondered why coaches stress up athletes some few minutes to the game? The reason is not farfetched. Stressed up athletes would have much gusto compare to a relaxed athlete. Some level of stress is relevant to move faster. A stressful situation like meeting a target or featuring in upcoming presentations can be a motivator to get the best out of you. 

Strengthen Brain Power

Consider when you are in a middle of a stressful job. Do you throw in the towel or lay back? Obviously, your response is 'no'. Put on your thinking cap and activate your mental wheel. Before you know it, the job would be perfectly concluded. Studies have it that some level of stress can trigger the brain for it to perform better and increase your productivity level.

Pursue Greater Learning

The way you consider stress is the determining factor. One study concluded that workers that applied paradigm shift in the way they think about stress performed better than their counterparts that had a negative mindset about stress. Stress made them push beyond the limit to learn more skills, thereby giving them more opportunity to handle larger projects.

Force new challenges

Stress is uncomfortable and pretty difficult; however, it is inherently laden with a potential to make you discover smarter ways of overcoming challenges in your workplace.

The next you face a difficult scenario and you are about to give up due to stress, channel the stress into productivity. Stress has it inherent benefits which you need to take advantage of. It can even result in a motivating force for you.