There is a science to the way people think and feel. These triggered emotions are digested from the wide range of marketing influences that people see on a daily basis. Everywhere you go, marketing is capturing your eye, and leaving a lasting impression on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Consumers want to invest in an experience, tangible item, or brand that fulfills their wants and needs.

Are you a trend setter or seeking out the latest trends? Companies can master the art of brand voice just by connecting to the right consumers. The first step to success is targeting the desirable individuals that align with mission of your company. Based on psychographics and demographics, your company can direct all messaging to those found within your social media network.

Make them feel something. It's that simple. A key aspect to consumer behavior is establishing the consumer's intention. Regardless of the why, people are searching for brands and companies that meet their personal, work or overall fulfillment goals. To get in the heads of the consumers, you must create an emotion that can be met by your product or service. Whether that's a feeling of nostalgia, sadness, excitement, aspiration, etc., people are more likely to act based on the way that they feel.

The psychology of sales and consumer behaviors align with the consumers overarching goals. Products and services can signal wealth, success, and power. Consumers seek tangible luxury items that prove your status among others. Your company can create products or services that show value due to exclusivity and aspirational desire. Let' face it...consumers want to be ahead of the times, but also make a statement within the current trend.

Turn your consumers thought process from a want to a need. Are you creating a product or service that touches on your consumer's pain points? Another way to understand the consumer's thought process is to dive into their purchasing intent. Go beyond selling the product; sell the experience. Customers are most engaged in a brand that recognizes the person that they are and the person that they aspire to become.

Find a way to become top of mind like Disney, Delta and Nike. In many situations, people buy based on what they already know. Rather than seeking new brands, they feel connected to ones that provide comfort and security. Your company can overcome this by reaching your audiences on a wide-range of online and offline advertising. From start-ups to enterprise, a company can seek visibility just by connecting to customers organically.

How can you test a person's connection to a brand or company? Engagement. A company that understands the way people think will be able to connect to the way people feel. A key component to getting in the minds of the consumer is receiving constant user generated feedback. Through consistent research, customers can provide input, allowing companies to invest in changes from their audiences' sentiment toward the product or service.

Make it a lifestyle. Create a brand that aligns with the values and morals of the targeted audience. Establish a brand that connects to the consumers on a more personal level. Over time, a company can learn to create lifetime value rather than a one stop shop.