When I started my business almost 10 years ago, I couldn't have anticipated the ups and downs that would come along with it. I initially intended to pursue a long-standing secure career as a corporate attorney, but life threw a curve ball at my family with the illness of my father and I ended up having to run his business for 3 years as he fought for his life. Thankfully, once he recovered, I was able to have this resounding moment of clarity that forced me to decide exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Naturally, I went back down the route of law because that's what I'd studied and worked my ass off for, but as soon as I started receiving lucrative offers from firms around the country, I realized that one of the most harrowing times in my life provided me with the epiphany that law was no longer the direction I wanted to take my career.

Since I also have a background in business and always had the brain for marketing, I casually started creating business/marketing plans for friends and family until one day I landed my first client who was a celebrity makeup artist looking to launch her own makeup line. And at that moment, the entrepreneurial bug bit me.

From working alone in my home office, to hiring my first full time employee in 2013, it has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. The team I have been lucky enough to curate over the years has changed me as a person, a leader and an entrepreneur. As a business owner it becomes glaringly obvious that you cannot do it all alone...at least not well. I hate saying the word "help" because for most entrepreneurs, your team is more than helping you, they are in the trenches with you creating strategies to grow your business and the clients, they are traveling across the country to run meetings and events on behalf of your business and the clients, they are coming up with ways to streamline operational processes to create efficiencies within the business, they are a sounding board and sometimes the people holding up the mirror to call you out on your mistakes. After almost 10 years, every stage of growth for my company comes with growth for me, and although it often comes with the feeling of being pushed to the edge of a nervous breakdown, it's been one of the most insightful and transforming experiences on my professional journey.