If you didn't think IV Drip Bars, crystal therapy and jade eggs for Kegel exercises could exist in one room, Gwenyth Paltrow just proved you wrong.

The actress-turned-businesswoman hosted the first "In Goop Health" summit for her modern lifestyle brand, Goop, on Saturday in Los Angeles. Tickets for the sold-out conference cost between $500 to $1,500 and allowed the 600 attendees access to panels and keynotes, food and beverages from the trendiest, health-conscious brands and an "adult goody bag."

While Goop may seem a bit out-of-this-world for those who don't follow Paltrow's efforts, its success goes far beyond the occasional conference. According to the New York Post, Goop received $10 million from venture capitalists in 2016, and Goop pop-up shops can be see at Nordstrom stores across the country.

If there was one thing the conference taught those of us who weren't in attendance, it's that the world of wellness is full of unorthodox products and services that outstep the imagination and, well, enter into the realm of Goop. Here are nine of the more exotic products and rituals featured (or mentioned) at the Goop summit.

1. Bulletproof Coffee

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With the conference beginning at 9 a.m., attendees were treated to steaming cups of Bulletproof Coffee. The coffee-on-steroids is infused with Brain Octane Oil to reduce hunger and help with concentration and butter from grass-fed cows to slow the effects of caffeine for energy throughout the day.

2. Brain Dust

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With a name that sounds like something coming from a sci-fi movie, Brain Dust by California-based company Moon Juice is a supplement made of different "superherbs and supermushroom proteins" meant to make you happy, less-stressed and focused all at once. Other Moon Juice "dusts" includes Sex Dust, Beauty Dust and Spirit Dust and is sold for $30 for 14 servings on Moon Juice's website.

3. Vape pens

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These pens have nothing to do with writing. Instead, hmbldt's vape pens are filled with doses of cannabis and different oils meant to have soothing or stimulating effects. The pens are sold throughout California and come in specific formulas such as "bliss" and "arouse."

4. Jade Eggs

When on Jimmy Kimmel's show, Paltrow said these eggs are meant to "tone the pelvic floor" once inserted into a vagina. The Jade Eggs go for $66 on Goop's website and were sold at the summit.

5. Crystal Therapy

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The "resident Goop shaman" was in attendance to provide guests with their own crystal therapy sessions. Goop says that by holding certain types of crystals, healing energy can flow into the body and negative energy can flow out.

6. Leech Facial

Supermodel and Goop panelist Miranda Kerr mentioned the she received a leech facial. The facial entails having leeches suck the blood out of your body and then using that blood as a face mask. Kerr said after her treatment, she kept the leeches and put them in her koi pond.

7. IV Drip Bars

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Attendees who aren't scared of needles could take a trip to the summit's IV Drip Bar. At the bar, people get hooked up to an IV, which will transport vitamins and antioxidants to the body, and they will get a boost of hydration and energy. A trip to an IV Drip Bar is said to be able to cure hangovers, though a session could cost as much as $159.

8. Kambo Frog Venom Treatment

In a panel called "Gut Check," attendees were told to take in the poison of an Amazonian tree frog, called Kambo, as an antibiotic. The process of applying the venom requires receiving small burns on the skin and using the venom as an ointment.

9. Oxygen Bars

Since consuming drinks at an actual bar requires consuming calories, attendees were able to get hooked up to an oxygen bar where they could breathe in some (more) fresh oxygen. The extra oxygen is said to increase energy and relieve stress.