We're approaching the time of year when entrepreneurs, in particular, start making business plans and goals for a prosperous new year.  Success seems to come easier, however, for some than others.  Much of it has to do with approach and mindset.  Here's how to win in 2018.

Dave Hill, CEO of DMH Empire a content asset management, consultants & investment firm that specializes in business management and strategic planning for its clients is a great example of someone who knows how to seize his goals.

Hill started 20 years ago with little more than an idea and a proximity to Kinkos. Family members in New Jersey who wanted to become recording artists sought to get their story out and be interviewed.  Problem was, no one wanted to interview unknown artists. "So  I had someone interview them, write articles about them and I printed it out as TRUE Magazine, copied a few at Kinkos and gave them out around the neighborhood for free." Before long, Hill's publication featured cover stories on such giants as Jay Z and Rihanna. "Today I  have multiple digital & print magazines, websites, an advertising agency, a publishing & sync licensing division, our own fashion brands, and we're producing concerts," says Hill.

Companies such as Absolute, Red Bull, Ford and many others hire him to reach the influential Millennial market via various digital and content marketing strategies. He attributes his firm's growth to the application of his 10-step "Work Your Plan" motto, a philosophy that he says turns success into a replicable process. Here are the top three steps:

1. Develop habits of success. Hill says that this will help you grow toward achieving your goals. He suggests reading and researching someone who has already reached a goal that you are trying to attain and mimic their steps, checking off the list of what is completed so you can see your progress at each benchmark.  This increases motivation to reach the next set of goals, thereby bringing success into firm grasp.  "As I get closer to my goal, I also take time out to meditate and/or unwind to reboot my thoughts."

2. Re-read your plan. "Do this every day and adjust it as you go because you will learn something new along the way each time," explains Hill.

3. Stay true to your word. Tell your close friends and family what your goals are, even if they don't believe in you. This way, you know have to live up to what you said you're going to do. 

As you plan to crush it in 2018, think about how you can leverage new mindsets such as this to take your business to the next level.