Color plays an enormous role in our professional wardrobes. Some prefer to stock up on neutrals, while others are always on the hunt for a pop of color to liven up their daily uniform. We search for just the right shade to match an eye color, to coordinate a lone separate hanging in the closet, or just to dazzle on a big day.

But we can be intimated by color and choose to never wear it for fear of choosing the wrong one. People can also overdo color and wear so much of it, one can't help but say "great color" when they see you-- even if they don't mean it.

The power of color is impactful whether we organize our closets using it as a guiding principle or simply start our shopping sprees on the hunt for it.

Pantone knows the power of color, and it annually announces a new color to be its color of the year. This year the color it believes will make a global impact from fashion and design to consumer mindsets is Classic Blue. 

This elegant color is easy to wear, unlike past chosen colors that feel too trendy, bold, or intimidating (like perky purple or vivid coral). Pantone color 19-4052 is friendly, wearable, and accessible.

Blue is also one of the rare universal colors that is flattering on almost everyone. It's softer than black but not as bold as red. It's a heavyweight in the corporate world because of its versatility. Men wear some version of blue, often navy, almost every day to work. Women ask me about matching blue and black every season. They fear making a fashion faux pas and wonder if black shoes can be worn with navy. (The answer is yes, by the way. Opt for black suede or patent leather for high style.)

Classic Blue is similar to cobalt and makes a strong visual impact. Here are the top reasons you should be wearing this Pantone color in 2020. 

1. It conveys authority.

Classic Blue is the the color of leadership. You will frequently see world leaders, both female and male, wearing a suit in this shade. It's an engaging color that works well when my clients wear it on stage, on TV, on the campaign trail, in headshots, or leading a meeting. If sporting this color head-to-toe like a royal feels too bold, pop it in a shoe or a tie to reflect your confidence, and welcome success with a nod to modern aesthetics.

2. It keeps an audience engaged.

Help your audience stay tuned into your message with a powerful presence. As I often share with media clients, viewers are drawn in by your personal packaging even before they've grasped your substance. Wearing Classic Blue is a subtle tool that helps put people at ease, and it isn't so aggressive that italienates those around you. 

If only to show off your playful nature, consider a handbag, briefcase, or luggage piece in this cheerful hue. It is a crowd-pleaser and an effective way to help differentiate yourself from the competition.

3. It inspires trust.

Everyone wants to be valued at the office, and shades of blue often convey a sense of trust. Harness the power of your presence to help achieve this. Be a beacon of hope during these long winter months at work. Turn heads as you walk down the street in a brightly colored bold coat or dress. Change is inevitably on the horizon, and while fads will fizzle, Classic Blue will continue to be a reliable one-size-fits-all trend.

Color impacts our emotions, and this one offers refuge from the daily grind of wearing dark neutrals or monochromatic black to the office. Stores will be stocking Classic Blue this year, and soon it will available at every turn. Next time you get dressed, consider wearing this power color and be prepared to own the room.