Are you a procrastinating gift giver? If so, you are not alone. Many of my clients this week are requesting gift suggestions for everyone on their list as they head into year end holiday parties and secret gift exchanges.

Many people feel overwhelmed by the prospect of shopping for a co-worker, boss, or assistant. My top tip for successful gifting at the office is to give something that feels indulgent yet useful. A simple strategy: identify an item your recipient uses daily and upgrade it.  

Here's a roundup of my favorite last minute gifts to give your A-team this holiday season ranging from $20 to $100. 

For the Coffee Enthusiast

If you know a coffee lover who always wants a fix, try a desktop sized French press or an on-the-go espresso maker. If your recipient always invests in the beans but never the mug, look for a decadent eco-friendly, travel container they might never buy themselves and fill it with chocolate covered espresso beans or a gift card to their favorite office coffee spot.

For the Techie

Is your Secret Santa always wearing wireless ear pods? Add a waterproof cover or a stylish charging station to their collection. For the person who is always sporting the latest gear, gift them a personalized usb stick, cable holder, or accessory organizer complete with a bottle of screen cleaner and a cheeky desk sign.

For the Dapper Dude or Beauty Junkie

It can be tough to shop for that best-dressed person on your list. Monthly beauty or grooming box subscriptions, advent calendars filled with luxury skincare or candles, stylish tech-friendly gloves, or even a fashion print or inspiring quote are fun. If you are shopping for a jet-setting frequent flier, look for a travel jewelry organizer to keep cuff links and rings in order, a light-up magnifying compact for flawless beauty applications, a glam RFID passport holder, or a cozy shawl that doubles as a travel blanket and pillow.

For the Fidgeter

If you're shopping for the person who likes to keep their hands busy during meetings, a giant tin of color-changing putty or super magnetic dough is good therapy or can be used to organize paperclips. I also love 5 in 1 tool pens and tabletop desk activities like zen gardens, cornhole, skeeball, and pinball. If your recipient likes to keep his or her desk super clean, add a mini desk vacuum.

For the Entertainer

When you're shopping for the person who organizes weekly happy hours, gift them a party card game they can easily bring to the bar downstairs after work. Go in with a group for a subscription to a monthly wine club, a holiday cocktail set or home brew kit -- kombucha or beer. If you want to add something sweet to their stocking, opt for a pack of chocolate waffle shots that can be filled with coffee liqueur or ice cream.

Never underestimate the power of presentation. DIY and make your own spa box or gift pouch filled with holiday essentials wrapped in a bow. Take advantage of early morning and late night holiday hours and cross gifts off your list.