Whether you coach a team at work, at home or in the community, here are 25 quotes from The 5 Coaching Habits of Excellent Leaders to help elevate your coaching game. 

1.      Expectation gaps lead to execution gaps.  

2.      Those who underestimate the intelligence of others tend to overestimate their own.

3.      Your questions either expand or limit your solutions.

4.      Excellent leaders know how to patiently wait for an answer. They are comfortable with silence.

5.      Excellent leaders listen at least 50 % of the time.

6.      People support what they helped create. Involved them!

7.      Keeping score brings out our best, because we inherently like to win.

8.      Leaders get the behavior they are willing to tolerate.

9.      Unaddressed performance matters do not just go away. They eventually rear their heads and ugly ways.

10.  Measuring results is the first step toward improving them.

11.  Demonstrating appreciation is not a matter of time and attention. It is a matter of priority in action.

12.  We work in a high-tech world, but leadership is still a high-touch job.

13.  Nearly half of our daily activities are habitual, for better or for worse.

14.  Excellent leadership is not only about investing in others; it's also about investing in yourself.

15.  Some leaders find themselves sitting on a mountain of gold while feeling poor, because they don't know how to mine for gold in their teams.

16.  If you choose your habits, then you must take responsibility for your results.

17.  Reliability is a two-way street. You get reliable performance from your team by being a reliable leader for them.

18.  Coaching for reliable performance is not a "salt and pepper" practice. You cannot sprinkle a little explaining here and appreciation there and expect reliable performance.

19.  If world class athletes need a coach everyday why wouldn't your team?

20.  Don't ask if you won't listen.

21.  Reliable people consider their commitments as personal promises to others.

22.  Leadership is an inside job.  It starts with your personal reliability.

23.  Reliable people have a good Say/Do ratio.

24.  Reliable people manage timelines (when work gets done) to meet deadlines (when work is due).

25.  The most valuable type of knowledge is self-knowledge.

Published on: Jun 20, 2018
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