Any type of growth takes time. Growing a body, a plant, a mind, a skillset, a home or your leadership. Patience and perseverance are your best friends when it comes to growth. There are not shortcuts to growth, but there are three things you can today to instantly elevate your leadership.

Listen. The higher your leadership position the more you must listen.

The most effective leaders listen at least 50% of the time. Asking questions, and then listening is a simple, powerful way to engage your team, assuming your genuine in your reason for listening. Caution: don't ask if you will not listen. This just create cynicism on your team. Listening makes you more intelligent about your team, your customers, your processes. As a result, you are equipped to lead more effectively.

Serve. Leadership is service. Service is leadership.

In today's world, servant leadership is two-sided. First, and more traditionally, you must authentically serve your team by meeting their needs so they can perform at peak levels. There is plenty written on this side of servant leadership like this model of Passionate Performance.

The second, less discussed side of great servant leaders is particularly valued by millennial workers. The first side serves your employee internally, whereas the second side serves the community externally. This is not about playing Uncle Sam and pointing your finger to direct your team to serve others. This is about you, the leader, leading from withing the community.

Change. Find delight on your own discomfort.

Seek discomfort to elevate your leadership. This does not mean you are never satisfied with yourself or others. Rather, it provides a healthy alertness of where you can improve. By delighting in this state of discomfort, you will be more relaxed and more likely to see creative ways to improve. In other words, it will help you stay on the offense and thrive versus playing defensively and merely surviving. By capturing this mental state of delighting in discomfort, you will easily be able to evacuate your comfort zones, the place where good leaders get surpassed by great ones.

If you do not change, you limit your life and your leadership. Leaders who "delight in discomfort" say, "If you are always changing, it never feels like you are really changing." In other words, delighting in discomfort makes you comfortable with change. It defines the way you change.

So, no excuses to instantly elevate your leadership. Start today!

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