The Adherence equation has been field-tested for 17 years and is featured in three of my books.

Here are nine of my quotes from those books to inspire you to stick with it.

Sharpen Focus

  • The most important decision in life is to decide what is most important.
  • Complexity is the enemy of excellence... keep things simple. 
  • Blurry goals lead to blurry places.

Build Competence

  • Competence builds confidence.
  • Use words to change your situation, not to describe it.
  • The fastest way to change the answers you receive - from yourself and others - is to change the questions you ask.   

Ignite Passion

  • Passion exposes possibilities.
  • A compelling purpose is your team's bridge to a brighter tomorrow...and you have to build it!
  • We were meant to give our lives away.  Focus on living your legacy instead of worrying about leaving it.

Stick with it and WIN!

Published on: Feb 26, 2020
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