I have had the good fortune of working with thousands of leaders since co-founding a leadership consulting and training firm in 1999. 

Here is what we have found to be the top 10 derailers of leadership success.

  1. Have all the answers. (instead of asking all the questions)
  2. Not connecting with the person behind the employee. (view employees as a means to an end)
  3. Slow decision making. (underutilizing intuition)
  4. Unclear vision and expectations. (blurry expectations lead to blurry results)
  5. Lack of personal integrity. (without integrity no will follow you, and if no is following you then you are not leading)
  6. Stop learning and changing. (feeling of having "arrived" and getting complacent)
  7. Undisciplined approach to hiring employees. (rely on gut feel only)
  8. Organizational indigestion. (pushing more initiatives into the team than it can digest creates diffused focus)
  9. Personal ego needs blur the needs of the team. (serving self vs. serving the team)
  10. Talk more than listen. (results in leadership blind spots)

Learn from others who have struggled before you and elevate your leadership.