Video Transcript

00:08 Richard Branson: You know, I think the word "business" can sound very dry. But what business is, is creating something extraordinarily exciting which will make a difference to people's lives. I mean most big ambitious goals are made up of... I mean, I often compare creating a business to creating a painting. You know, you've got a blank canvas, you're filling in that canvas, and you're trying to get every single little detail right. And the grand picture is only as good as all those little... Getting all those little details sorted.

00:57 Branson: So, if you're going to pull off something... I mean, again going back to Google, I mean they would have mapped out... I mean, Google is thousands of little details, which put together, ended up creating Google. And our Space Program is thousands of little details. All put together, we'll have a wonderful and safe Space Program. But without getting all those details right, you have nothing.

Published on: Nov 3, 2012