Video Transcript

00:07 Richard Branson: Yeah, I may... I suppose my... Yeah, my feeling is just throw yourself whole-heartedly into anything you do, and then do it to your absolute utmost and best, and you're setting good foundations for the long-term. I think everybody who starts creating something is doing something audacious. Because it's actually, the most difficult time is when you're starting from scratch with no financial backing, with just an idea, and you're trying to get your very first venture off the ground. And that is... That is audacious. I mean for somebody like myself, now, 40 years on, to do something audacious, it's an awful lot easier than it would have been when I was 15, setting up in the business.

01:07 Branson: So, true audaciousness actually comes about with just those people who just have the pluck and the courage to say, "Screw it, let's do it." And "I see a gap in the market, I see something that's not being done well, I'm gonna give it a go. And I may fall flat on my face, it might cost me everything." And they start their very first venture.

01:31 Branson: Can you be completely audacious with your first venture and do something absolutely extraordinary? And I suppose the answer has to be, "Yes". I'm great friends with Larry and Sergey from Google, and Larry got married on my island, and I was talking to his teacher at the college, and he said, Larry came to him with three ideas when he was thinking of leaving early, and all three were as audacious as they come. But he said to Larry, "I think you should try that Google thing first." And, yeah, that was pretty damn audacious.

Published on: Nov 1, 2012