Video Transcript

00:09 Richard Branson: Well, I think regulatory risks can be painful. I mean like it would be lovely if America, for instance... If America was absolutely clear cut about let's be oil dependent, let's be... Let's wean ourself off dirty fuels, and let's say by 2020, they set themselves the target, got rid of subsidy... Subsidies for dirty fuels, help kick start the clean fuel industry. Governments around the rest of the world behave like that, we would get the problem sorted. So, regulatory issues can be frustrating.

00:51 Branson: Equally, good regulators can be incredibly helpful. I mean with our space program, you've got regulators who have limited these lawsuits that can take place with the private spaceship companies, so that that's enabled them to take bold steps, where if you treated the space ship industry like the airline industry, we could be killed overnight with one lawsuit. So good regulators can really help get an industry up and running. But, obviously, finance is always an issue with big projects, but if the project is worthwhile doing, most likely you're gonna be able find the finance to do it, I think.