Getting followers on Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Pinterest has been quite simple. I've been able to acquire close to 200,000 combined followers on those social networks alone. They've been easy platforms to understand and figure out how to utilize, but one platform has left me in a state of trial and error without any success. That platform is Facebook, the hardest network to build an audience on.

Back in November of 2015, I had 2,000 followers on my Facebook page. So did Zohreen Adamjee of Fox News 11 in Los Angeles. Six months in, I have only been able to increase my following to 3,400, while Zohreen has been able to attract over 24,000 to her page.

Shocked at how she was able to grow her following much more quickly than mine, I knew I needed to get the insights as to how exactly she did it. We decided to meet in Silver Lake over wine and she divulged all her secrets to me. Just yesterday, she sent me a screenshot showing how she got over 4,000 followers just last week alone.

These are Zohreen's top 5 tips to hit exponential growth with Facebook:

 1. Learn the platform

Zohreen has spent most of her career on social media. She saw social media as the forefront of the next wave of media - something that would give her a competitive edge above others who wanted jobs in her industry. She spent years studying, understanding and mastering all her platforms. Before Zohreen even started building out her own personal brand, she worked at FOX40 in Sacramento on their social media channels. This gave her the industry knowledge and insight she needed to see what worked and didn't work on social media, especially Facebook.


2. Redirect traffic

Zohreen picks up about 5,000 social media followers a month on Twitter. I do about the same. What she did that I didn't do was redirect her social media followers to her Facebook account. She asks her followers if they will also engage with her on Facebook. Many agree and follow her on both platforms. 

3. Create compelling content

For Zohreen, being in the media has its benefits. She's always around groundbreaking stories that people want to see, from a taxi driver being kidnapped by escaped inmates to fires in unusual areas. This content keeps her audience interested in seeing more of what is going on in the world and keeps them engaged with her content. That engagement drives her posts to do well because they are being shared to others.

4. Live video

With Facebook's live video feature, many of Zohreen's followers get a notification each time she goes live on video. She doesn't use this feature lightly either. She strategizes exactly what situations to use it in. She uses the feature for news but also frequently uses it to showcase her personality and showing the world that she is a normal person. She has cooked on camera, gone on hikes to the Hollywood sign, used it before emceeing at a charity event, done interviews and many other things that normal people would do, which humanizes her brand.

5. Engage

Most people think social media is a one way avenue, where we can just create content and others will consume it. Content is designed to create a reaction. When reactions occur, people comment. A lot of social media users ignore these comments or just click like. Zohreen, on the other hand, responds to each and every single comment. She spends at least two to three hours each night engaging with her audience. Zohreen says that she has more conversations with her social media followers than she does with her own friends in real life. This instills loyalty within them and they are more encouraged to help support and spread her message.

Because of all five of these elements, Zohreen is able to attract 4,000 followers each week to follow her personal brand on Facebook. Have you seen any other outliers attracting a huge audience at a rapid rate on social media? I'd love to learn more! Comment below.