As the business world continues to adopt  mobile and  social platforms in the workplace, companies are finally embracing the value of just how powerful of a contributing force these products and social employees can be.

Company leaders and employees alike are eager to find the best solutions for their professional lives.

In fact, these 3 points are key indicators to this:

I've seen my fair share of business apps before, but after getting a demo of the CultureSphere platform (available on both iOS and as of today, Android) from founder & CEO Danny Gordon, I must admit - this one not only resonates with me as a marketer and brander, but also as someone who's always looking to consume the most authentic stories possible.















In just the last 4.5 months, Gordon tells me over 100 organizations have begun using the platform across various teams and departments.

Companies have been reporting these 3 major accomplishments:

But how is that possible?

By making employees the contributing factor to not only share content, BUT also to creating and contributing that content.

By finally giving the people who 'live the brand' daily a rewarding and engaging platform to utilize, employee moments now have the capability of getting virally-circulated, both inside the company as well as potentially with the outside world.

CultureSphere dubs itself the world's first social sharing platform for employee-inspired media and the only bottom-up content funnel in the market.

"In today's world, social media is all about content curation. People want to get the most authentic story of whatever topic they're interested in - whether it be politics, sporting events, or perhaps entertainment. You now have platforms such as SnapChat and Twitter curating user-generated content to give people the most raw, real, and authentic moments surrounding any given subject. But what about companies?"- said Gordon. "Why should I only hear from 10 people in a company with 50,000 employees? What in the world is authentic about that?"

That's the problem CultureSphere solves, except instead of user-generated content, it's employee-generated content. And instead of CultureSphere needing to curate the content to the outside world,  companies are able to tell the story however they'd like, through the contribution of their most important asset - their employees.

CultureSphere launched over the summer through a freemium model allowing any  employee to bring the platform into their organization and start sharing amazing moments with their colleagues.

That in itself is the beauty of the platform - a team, department, or entire company can use the platform absolutely free to simply share and engage around company moments together.

If the company wants to begin curating content with the outside world, that's where the two premium package options come into play.

Once a curator marks content as 'Shareable', all employees are notified and can virally share that photo or video to their personal social networks. What's more is that curators have the option to share that content to all the company's corporate social media pages as well.

Gordon further notes, "The 'Like' button is the most engaging button on social media, but we've introduced the 'Share' button in a whole new light with CultureSphere. While a like from your fellow colleagues and senior level management would make any employee satisfied, what do you think their loyalty to the brand they bust their butt for would be if they woke up one morning and saw their photo or video on the company's twitter page that boasts thousands or even millions of followers?"

With a user experience and gamification that hasn't been seen yet in the business world, I for one am a believer in the platform.

A mobile branding platform that not only unites a brand around stories and narratives internally, but also gets the most authentic story told to the outside world.

That's what CultureSphere is all about.