If you moved to another country for love, then discovered your spouse wasn't really the same person you thought you had married, what would you do?  

Most people would be destroyed if they had to leave everything to escape a foreign country because their husband had cheated on them with 20 women. Heather R. Morgan used that moment as fuel to become reborn and make a million dollar business.

I met Heather my first night in San Francisco for the Growth Marketing Conference. My friend Clayton Wood and I rode scoots around town, up and down hills, even down Lombard street. After a day of shenanigans, we were off to the speakers' dinner.

I saw my friend serial entrepreneur Neil Patel, whom I haven't seen in over a decade. Coincidentally, we both went to the same high school, sold burned cds and spent our first jobs picking up trash at Knott's Berry Farm.

After we conversed for a while, Clayton introduced me to Heather and told me she wrote for Inc. Magazine like me. After dinner, she started mentioning a story about how she escaped Brazil.

I asked her what she was doing after. She was jet lagged from traveling back from Kenya, but didn't have plans. I convinced her to have a drink.

I wanted the full story.

She told me her secret to getting people to trust her. That is by opening up and sharing the craziest thing you've ever experienced. She told me her story. About how she felt trapped and had to escape Brazil.

I guess she succeeded, because she was right in front of me then.

I gave her a random story I had in Mexico. I had to use it to relate because it was an international experience. None of my stories compare to the craziness of hers though.

Anyway, she came back to America with nothing. Not a dollar. Not a dime. In the last 3 years since she came back, she went from sleeping on couches to creating a bootstrapped seven figure business called SalesFolk.

SalesFolk has helped more than 250 companies add millions of dollars to their sales revenue. She has used her cold email superpowers to meet billionaire CEOs and become friends with famous startup founders like Jessica Mah, who was featured on the cover of Inc magazine last year. Heather's even been on NBC as an email expert, and has spoken at over a dozen sales and marketing conferences around the world.

How did she go from broke to building a seven figure business?

These 5 things Heather Morgan does that changed her life and continually set her up for success:

1. Let go

Too many people hang on to bad business ideas like they do bad relationships. They think they're in love, but they are blind to the signs of disaster.

Take a step back, get out of the bubble you created, and examine exactly where you are. You may realize it's a worse than you thought it was. Once Heather did this, she woke up from her intoxicated dream to discover that the only way to freedom was to escape Brazil.

2. Walk in other people's shoes

Your customers have emotions just like you. But do you know what they're feeling?

You want to close that deal, but it's never going to happen, until you know exactly what your client is going through. Get outside of your own head and picture yourself in their business. What is your new biggest pain point or your biggest goal?

Heather feels the pain of each client, and uses that pain to develop a solution that is completely irresistible.

At SalesFolk, the customer always comes first.

A lot of companies want to talk about how great they are or about all the cool features they have. Heather just wants to get results. The only way she can do this is by imagining herself in every single role, from the very beginning to the end of the sales funnel. But she makes her employees perform research on the different buyer personas too.

This is Heather's secret sauce for beating the industry standard's email response rate by 3-10x.

3. Prioritize others first

When you're broke, you're usually thinking about the three most important people in the world: me, myself and I. Add value to others? What in the world does that mean?

When Heather was too broke to spend $2 to take the bus, she dedicated her time to interviewing CEOs and sales people. She wanted to know how she could solve their biggest problems, like maintaining growth rates and increasing sales revenue.

Whether on sales calls, talking to customers, or writing email campaigns for clients, everyone at SalesFolk is obsessed with being helpful and adding value. It's no surprise she was able to quickly gain people's trust and quickly close dozens of deals 3X faster than the average salesperson and has a loyal client base.

4. Be weird, but not scary weird

Who wears orange every day? Heather does.

Why? Who in the world knows. But she's obsessed with goats too.

There is something really strange about her. You look around just confused for a few minutes and wonder how she finagled her way into the conference. But that opens up the conversation immediately.

Once Heather has you talking to her, she hooks her way into your head like a tapeworm -- one that never leaves.

Guess what: That makes her top of mind whenever you send an email or start a conversation with a client.

5. Make time to strategize

Heather has a journal. She writes in it every day. When she wanted to escape Brazil, she used it to write instructions in a code that only she could read.

She waited for the right moment to run, and made it out alive. It was all thanks to this detailed and in depth plan.

Now Heather makes detailed and in depth plans for her clients' sales efforts. When they see it in action, they are taken aback with how effective the results are.

If Heather never did any of these things, she might still be stuck in Brazil, or may have been buried under a bridge by her ex-husband. But now she is free and living the American dream in full effect with her successful new business.

Do you know anyone who has flipped their life around? I'd love to learn more! Comment below.