It doesn't matter what type of work you do, if you're an executive, PR agent, event planner, or a stay at home parent. Regardless of your  career, you depend on your phone.

Recently, I discovered the hidden danger of just having one phone (more on this later).

Anyway, last November, I thought I was finally ready to sever ties with Blackberry and move onto the smartphone era. So I bought an iPhone 6s+. The fully loaded one in rose gold.

Little did I know that wasn't the case. Whenever I got an email or a text, I realized that it was just so much easier to respond on my Blackberry. While my iPhone became convenient for social media and surfing the web.

So I started using two phones without thinking much. And it got people's attention.

They'd always make some kind of amusing comment. Most recently was about the song by Kevin Gates, 2 Phones.

Then one day, my  photographer friend  Larry Wong asked me what the benefits of having two phones were. While I told him about all the cool things you can do while multitasking using two phones (i.e. checking Facebook and calling at the same time), his eyes glazed over.

But when I told him how using two phones solved this anxiety of mine, it jolted him. What I said hit a nerve.

He had one underlying issue that I didn't realize no longer existed in my life.

The underlying issue.


Battery anxiety.

Larry depends on his phone more than others. He has a hectic schedule. He's always on the go, photographing politicians, models and tech events. He's usually out to unusual hours and his phone rings all the time.

Quite frankly, Larry just might be the busiest person I know.

With such a busy schedule, Larry used to have to dedicate at least thirty minutes a day, if not more, to stop everything he was doing and charge his phone. Because without his phone, Larry technically becomes unemployed. However, having to stop and charge his phone drastically reduced Larry's productivity, often stopping his work momentum.

Not only having one phone makes Larry unproductive, it was also inconvenient. Larry liked using apps like Snapchat, Facebook and other social media tools. But these were impossible to maintain when only using one device (since the battery dies faster).

I was the same as well. I used to spend hours charging my phone every day. Before I would go out at night, I would have to set aside an extra hour to get my phones recharged.

Don't we all though? Think about how antsy we all get when our phones die. It's like our lives are over! The dread of having a phone die before an important meeting, or when you're expecting an important call at an unusual hour!

With this worry in mind, would you actually still rely on just one phone?  

Having two phones are a lifesaver. Let me spell it out for you:


Before using two phones: 100% battery anxiety

Since I used my phone for everything from texting to social media and reading articles, the battery would die so fast. My phone used to be constantly plugged in a charger at home and at work. Even with constant charging, by the time I got home from work, my phone still only was on low battery mode with less than 20 percent life left. Sometimes, it would be dead before I even got home. That meant that I couldn't meet anyone after work until after I went home to charge my phone for another hour. Damn!  

After using two phones: 0% battery anxiety  

I use one phone for my calls, texts and emails, while I use the other one for social media, video, reading articles and GPS. I split my battery life in two different places. My phones are no longer hot potatoes! I can use them without having to worry about dying if they explode. More importantly, I wasn't on my phone all the time. Since I was efficiently using each phone, I could get what I needed to do on one phone, then move on to other work in my day, rather than having to feel the need to do everything on one phone, and risk getting distracted.

Now that I don't have that problem anymore,and in comparison to how my life used to be, it's such a relief.

Like mine, Larry's phone used to die every six to eight hours, so he decided to try out what it's like to have two phones as well.

And voila! He stopped feeling battery anxiety as well.

Better still, he felt happier since he's able to keep up with Snapchat and all his other social media outlets, all while charging his phones a lot less than he used to.

He told me: "I bought an extra phone within 48 hours of our conversation. It's changed my life."

The cost.

Don't worry. You don't have to go out there and buy a whole separate plan for your extra phone. All you have to do is the same thing that Larry and I did. Swap your data sim from your iPad or tablet to your smartphone.

You're already spending the extra $10 or $20 a month on the data plan. You may as well put it to good use.

Imagine if you could get rid of battery anxiety. What would your life be like? Will you consider having two phones? Tell me what it's like. Comment below.

Edited by Ian Chew