Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last five years, you have heard of the men's brand Bonobos. They started their online store in 2007 and distinguished themselves as being the brand with the perfect fit. This unique selling proposition was founded due to their signature curved waistband and helped propel the brand into launching over 20 physical locations and having their product in retail outlets like Nordstrom.

Bonobos has expanded into becoming quite a recognizable household name. But after nine years of developing a brand for themselves, they are now taking things further with their first national ad campaign.

Bonobos is doing this through the art of the personal brand of professional athlete Jimmy Butler III of the Chicago Bulls

But why did Bonobos decide to utilize the personal brand of an athlete for their campaign?

To learn more, I reached out to Andy Dunn, founder and CEO of Bonobos to learn more.

These are the top 5 reasons why Bonobos is utilizing the art of the personal brand:

1. Jimmy Butler's values aligned with that of Bonobos.

Originally, Bonobos did not set out to find an ambassador. Jimmy is a fan of the brand and the more the executive staff at Bonobos got to know Jimmy, the more they realized how much his personality, values and approach to life mirror the Bonobosguy. Jimmy is a multi-faceted guy with varied interests and an innate optimism about life. As a brand based on a perfect fit for many body types, the fact that Jimmy looks great in Bonobos clothes made the deal a no-brainer.

2. The partnership came naturally.

The partnership with Jimmy and Bonobos was quite natural. Jimmy became a fan of Bonobos after discovering the Bonobos' wide variety of sizing that caters to men with an athletic build. The Bonobos brand is built around being a one-stop shop for men's clothing needs, meaning that a man of any size can come in and find something that fits and works instantly. Partnering with an athlete like Jimmy exemplifies the ease of the Bonobos shopping process as most athletes do not fit into "standard" sizing categories, making it harder for them to find clothes that do not have to be tailored or altered once purchased. Bonobos offers so many fits and sizes that it's easy for men of any stature, including athletes, to find exactly what they are looking for.

Jimmy was also a given as he and Bonobos CEO and Founder, Andy Dunn share deep Chicago roots.

3. Both brands shared the same ethos.

When choosing a personal brand to partner with, it depends completely on the partner. Jimmy has accomplished an immense amount in his 26 years and Bonobos wanted to tell his story in a way that echoes the Bonobos brand with a mix of confidence and humility. That overlap helps Bonobos tell the brand story to their existing customers and to introduce themselves to Jimmy's audience in a compelling way.

4. Jimmy Butler is dedicated to personal style.

The partnership came to fruition early in 2016 and solidified after Jimmy attended the Guideshop 900 N Michigan Avenue Shops opening party in April. Jimmy's dedication to basketball and personal style made him the perfect brand ambassador for the brand's first ever campaign.

"Jimmy exhibits what it means to wear 'no doubts' both on and off the court. We are honored to welcome him into the Bonobos family," says Andy Dunn, CEO and Founder of Bonobos.

5. The partnership is generating the feedback they are looking for.

The objective of the campaign is to showcase what Bonobos is all about: finding your fit in life and in what you wear. Bonobos is running tv ads, out of home advertising and digital video support. It is too soon to gauge awareness impact, but they have had great feedback so far and will measure impact via an increase in overall brand awareness and consideration.

Has your brand partnered with someone who has a strong personal brand? What kind of results have you seen? I'd love to learn more! Comment below.