Gary Vaynerchuk is known around the world as the master of media, marketing, and hustle.

I've been blessed to know Gary for years as a friend, peer, and example of what is possible when you give 100 percent day in and day out.

He is the founder of Vayner Media, a massive media agency in NYC, as well as a multiple time bestselling author.

He's also planning on buying the NY Jets team one day.

Beyond his incredible entrepreneurial success, which started when he was a young kid, Gary is a leader in pushing the limits of what it means to build a business around your lifestyle and making every minute count.

In his new book, which we recently sat down to discuss, Gary peels back the covers on what his life is actually like, how he allocates his time and energy, and what it takes to achieve entrepreneurial greatness (the truth, not the glamour).

If you've never heard of Gary, never watched his daily vlogs, or don't follow him on Snapchat, you might not be impressed by his accolades.

But if you follow him for just one day, you realize that he isn't making it up when he talks about hustle and wanting success bad enough to work for it.

He has honed his relationship with time, focus, health, and work to an art. While some people think he has taken his work to an extreme, Gary voiced a powerful point in our interview. He said that since his wife requested he never share their kids or family life on social media, no one sees all of the time he spends with them. 

What we see of other people's lives on social media is just a sliver of what is actually happening.

As Gary explained, he actually hates a lot of what he sees on Instagram because it is such a filtered, beautified version of people's lives and brands. This builds up a glamorous view of what entrepreneurship and building a business around your lifestyle looks like according to him. In part, this phenomenon of showing the best without telling the rest is what inspired Gary to start his vlog series, DailyVee, in addition to all the other content he puts out (including his podcast #AskGaryVee and his pioneering use of Snapchat).

Essentially, Gary has a videographer follow him all day at least once a week and then create an accurate vlog of what a typical day as an entrepreneur and CEO looks like. These vlogs have become wildly popular, especially as the comments have increased on YouTube, with people acknowledging how hard Gary actually works day in and day out.

He addresses a lot of the questions that have risen from this look into his work ethic and business strategy in his new book, which is a compilation of questions he has answered on his podcast.

Obviously, I had to know how Gary keeps up his energy, focus, and motivation. He replied, "I'm good at knowing what I'm good at." So he focuses on that and pushes everything off to his team or doesn't get involved in it. 

He also explained that this is why he's gotten so committed to his health and fitness this year. He realized that if he treated his body and self-care the way he did his business, he'd be able to perform at a high level for much longer. So he hired a personal trainer to follow him around every day, do all his workouts with him, and guide his diet. Not only has his body gotten into great shape, but he feels even more energy and focus than before.

Even though Gary gives out so much valuable insight and wisdom around entrepreneurship for free in his podcast and other platforms, I've heard him say that entrepreneurship can't be taught.

I brought this up with him and his response fit in perfectly with everything else we discussed that day. Gary pointed out that the idea of building and running your own business sounds appealing, cool, and open to anyone. But the reality is that most people are not built for the demands and rigor required to pull off a successful and long-lasting venture. This is why he feels so strongly about giving his audience an accurate view of what success in today's entrepreneurial landscape can look like on a big scale. Whether or not you're built for entrepreneurship, you can learn from the best if you follow Gary Vee.

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