How would you like this to be your life:

I'm guessing that's a yes.

Here's what you might not know about this story.

When Josh Altman, the star of Million Dollar Listing and the  most successful realtor in Los Angeles currently, first moved to LA, he had no money and could only afford to rent a spot on a couch in a frat house for $200 a month.

He worked in a mail room for a year before he and his brother earned enough money to buy their first property.

After making his first million, he lost everything due to the housing crash and had to shutter his mortgage business 6 months later.

Josh and I met on a photo shoot we were both being featured in and I was struck by his authenticity.

When I had him in my studio for this interview, I found the same thing.

Despite being filmed 10 months out of the year for a major reality TV show, Josh keeps it real and openly shares his stories of failure and success in the hope that others can learn from his experiences.

Not only did I learn from him, but I loved acknowledging him for how hard he works, for how he applies sports to business, and how much he loves his job.

After I he told me his whole story, from his first sale to his current realty empire, I had to know: how did he find the confidence and courage to go back into the industry that had failed him in such a big way?

His answer was powerful.

"I knew if I could do it before, I could do it again."

But this time, he took notes from his past mistakes (buying a half million dollar property with essentially no money down) and rebuilt his business off of solid principles, hard work, and living within his means. There were some not-so-glamorous years as he built his new foundation.

He credits a big part of his current success to knowing his product extremely well. Josh knows the properties in the particular part of LA he specializes in so well that he can pretty much nail the price of any one spot without looking it up. He reads constantly, is always on the ground picking up what's happening, and has spent years cultivating a killer negotiation skill set.

So it's no coincidence that he's become the best luxury realtor in LA.

He's earned every single stripe by learning the industry, the people, and the properties like the back of his hand. That is why he's so confident while being filmed 10 months out of the year, going into huge negotiations for clients, and while running his own agency.

As any super successful business giant I've interviewed, however, Josh credits his dream team as a huge part of his success. While re-building his business, he developed strong, authentic relationships with people all over the industry that he still relies on to get business done. In addition he has built a trusted team in his own agency, including his now-fiancee.

"Money isn't everything."

Josh pointed out to me that when you're building an empire like he is, the relationships in your life is really what it stands on.

Speaking of these relationships, I had to know how he manages to keep a healthy personal relationship with his fiancee while they are being filmed for a reality TV show, running the realty agency, and planning a wedding. Josh admits it isn't easy. 

He explains that it starts with a lot of open communication between he and his partner, setting honest expectations around time constraints, and honoring those commitments. However, on occasion, he says it's essential for them to get away, turn off the phone and cameras, and reconnect person to person.

While it's no easy task when you're as busy as Josh, his commitment to a well-rounded, healthy life is what helps him carve out the time. He remembers what it was like to have nothing and he's not willing to risk the relationships in his life just for more money. Taking a look at his life currently, I'd say his priorities are working out just fine.

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