One of the hardest things for any entrepreneur to figure out (after how to make money) is building a healthy, focused, powerful company culture.

It's easier said than done, especially in today's world of outsourcing, teams that live across the country from each other, virtual assistants, etc.

However, I've seen, time and again, that when a company knows  how to make money AND gets their culture right, they're pretty much guaranteed to succeed. One without the other doesn't last long.

To drill down into the magic of doing this, I invited my good friend Gunnar Lovelace onto The School of Greatness.

Gunnar is the founder of the super-successful online warehouse of health foods at wholesale prices, Thrive Market.

But I didn't bring Gunnar on to talk just about how he built an incredibly successful company in the saturated market of health food from 10 to 400 employees in a year.

I wanted to know how he's created such a powerful culture and brought people together who support and live the ideals that formed Thrive.

Gunnar is about as real as they get, so there are few better people to explain this.

As he explained to me about how they have formed the culture at Thrive, he first owned up to what he learned from his mistakes early on. He had built companies before, but in those he had struggled to delegate, micromanaged, missed making check-ins and framework to follow, rode people too hard, and was critical.

The key to creating incredible culture at a company is to attract the best talent and employees who are aligned with the purpose behind the work.

"It's a powerful, virtuous cycle," he says.

In addition, Gunnar did something with Thrive he had never done. He brought on three other co-founders right from the beginning, so he had to learn to share power and decisions immediately. However, he saw the importance of bringing experience and strengths to the table that he didn't have. Of course, he admits this has been a process that is still happening. The trust that they are building as an executive team is all about succeeding together, which trickles down to every level of the company.

Instead of being in charge of every major decision, Gunnar admits, "My biggest service in Thrive right now is being a cheerleader."

In addition to investing in a powerful, connected management team, Thrive founders decided to invest in their employees by bringing in healthy, balanced, great food daily. Gunnar says they spend about $50,000 a month on this food budget but as a business cost it has absolutely paid off. The time that Thrive employees would spend on going out during the day (in addition to health and lifestyle risks from poor food choices) makes up for the food expense.

The numbers don't lie when it comes to Thrive's growth as well. They had to turn off their marketing this month simply because sales were coming in too fast. Thrive is the fastest growing ecommerce company in Los Angeles currently, and Gunnar explained that they've had to throttle their own growth to make sure that they can keep up the kind of quality customer service they expect themselves to give.

When I asked Gunnar what the vision is for the company, he said that if they can continue to do what they're doing, they will become the powerhouse force in the health food industry that they envision. "It's our game to lose," he said confidently, and I believe him.

While he is under big emotional and physical taxation from managing the growth of the company, hiring talent, and taking care of his personal life, Gunnar credits his own calm to keeping focused on the present, a supportive partner, and getting some good cardio in every week. That way he is able to come into work everyday in a balanced mindset that sets the tone for the company.

Lastly, Gunnar explained that a culture of positivity has been essential to implement in the company to get it to where it's at. Of course this has been a bumpy road during the startup phase, but he says taking a stand for creating a safe environment that is focused on positivity has been something he sees as non-negotiable. The amount of success Thrive is experiencing speaks to the results of this commitment.