Joe Polish is THE MAN when it comes to marketing. He has built an incredible network of extremely successful entrepreneurs and influencers and has worked with some of the best on their marketing.

But he didn't start out that way.

In fact, one of Joe's greatest strengths in teaching others how to effectively market and sell is that he himself really struggled with this back when he was trying to keep a carpet cleaning business afloat. As he explained, "There's no relationship between being good and getting paid." Although he was an excellent carpet cleaner operating with integrity, he wasn't getting clients.

So, he took action, became a student of marketing from the best, and learned through his own hard-earned experience and study how to master marketing in a way few others have.

Today he is a world-renowned marketing expert and runs top-level mastermind networks with some of the most powerful entrepreneurs. Anytime I get to talk to Joe about business (marketing specifically), I learn so much.

We recently met up at an event and I jumped at the chance to interview him for the podcast.

He started off by explaining the difference between selling and marketing, since many people confuse these to be essentially the same thing. "Think of selling as influence and think of marketing as storytelling," he explained. Since storytelling comes before creating influence, I asked him about his best strategies for marketing.

One thing Joe is a master at is education based marketing. This is powerful for anyone who has a service or product no one wants to buy (ex. carpet cleaning - no one wants to have dirty carpet). This means that you get to educate your customers on how to make the best decision about their purchase, which in turn develops rapport and trust with you. Joe actually goes over a specific template in the interview of how to write out the copy of this kind of marketing. It includes lists with well-formed headlines that speak to exactly what a consumer wants to know.

ELF Marketing: Easy. Lucrative. Fun. 

In addition to knowing how to educate your customers (who will then buy from you), Joe introduced the idea of ELF marketing versus HALF (hard, annoying, lame, frustrating). He says this applies to any part of your life, but it really turns effort into dollars when you apply it to marketing. As an example of this he suggested setting up a free recorded message describing your business and the basic education pieces you want customers to know to build trust in you as an expert. Put the number to call to hear this free 24 hour recorded message on your business card, work car, etc. and let it do the work for you. (Joe has actually seen huge results from this in his client's businesses). This is an easy way to bring in tons of extra customers who might otherwise disregard you as just another salesman if they hadn't had an accessible way to quickly learn why you're different.

As we wrapped up the interview, I asked Joe what some of his top pieces of advice were for life in general, but they also applied to marketing, as evidenced by his own huge success.

"Life gives to the giver and takes from the taker," he explained. Not only in this reflected in his philosophy about giving high quality information away for free to his clients, followers, and network, but in his approach to education marketing. The power of his reputation, network, and financial success all speak to the truth of this principle.

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