This year, don't go to your tax adviser empty handed.

T'is the season when we prepare to meet with our accountants and review the tax year rapidly coming to a close. We'll examine our profits and losses and strategize with our trusted advisers for any last minute tax-saving steps. If you live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, steal an hour or two out of your busy week on October 21/22 and discover some "End-of-Year Power Moves" for business owners that you can share with your tax advisers.

Sponsored by leading CPA firm, Rothstein Kass, this live expert session will focus on current ways that business owners can maximize and protect profits. It might even help you turn a bad year into a good one or a good year into a great one!

Join us on the following dates for some networking and valuable expert insights:

October 21 @ 6PM: Stamford, CT ($5.5 million waterfront home)

October 22 @12PM: Lunch at Inc. Magazine's Downtown Manhattan HQ

October 22 @6PM: Short Hills, NJ ($11.9 million historic estate)



Let's face it; with the economy in dire straits, the government is looking for ways to maximize revenues any way it can. On the other hand, creative tax specialists continue to work round-the-clock to help their business-owner clients legally protect their profits while staying compliant with the regulations.

Join us at one of these three timely and topical sessions (CT, NYC and NJ) and get advice from the experts on smart tax planning moves before it's too late. Plus, meet fellow business owners who are coming up with creative solutions to the same problems you face.


We'll be joined by noted CPA, Alan Kufeld, from Rothstein Kass who will answer your tax-planning questions and share his top five year-end power ideas for business owners.

We'll also have on hand Frank Seneco, an expert in retirement planning for business owners. Seneco will share details about a new retirement plan that has emerged from the Pension Reform Act of 2006 and how it's allowing some business owners to set aside six-figures a year for themselves!

Plus, all attendees will receive a research paper co-authored by Frank Seneco entitled "High & Dry." This eye-opening paper investigates why business owners fail to take advantage of the tax-saving opportunities available to them.

It's a new day, business owners! The rules are changing by the minute and this session will empower you with ideas and questions to bring to your own year-end meetings with your advisers.

If you're looking for an edge, one good idea, or just want to know what's coming down the road, you don't want to miss this session on end-of-year power moves for business owners.