We hear a lot about social media these days. Blog from your car and Twitter from the coffee shop and you, too, can become a 24-hour marketing machine. Facebook your way into your clients' hearts and accumulate enough "friends" to develop an endless stream of new clients.

It's true that the way we communicate with our customers is changing rapidly. No longer do we rely solely on advertising and press releases to get our message out. The flat media environment has turned every business into a source of information and education...even entertainment.

But are these tools right for everybody? How can the typical business owner translate his or her skills at face-to-face networking into new media? And what's the most effective use of our limited time to generate genuine ROI.

I have a particular curiousity around this question because I learned while writing my book, The Influence of Affluence, that self-made millionaires tend to attribute their success partly to good old fashioned person-to-person networking.

So I invited two prestigious thinkers to help me with this question: which works best—digital or traditional networking—particularly in the hands of dynamic entrepreneurs who are long on passion but short on time.

Adam Christensen, IBM's head of social media, and Lena West, CEO of xynomedia, are going to be joining me on February 23 and 24 in Connecticut, New Jersey and Manhattan, to speak with local business owners on this very topic.

If you are a business owner in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and would like to witness a re-staging of Ol' John Henry vs. the steam engine--man against machine, register for one of the complimentary seats here.