Upcoming Event: Birth of a New Guru

How do some CEOs become recognized experts in the media, in their industry and with their customers? And does this kind of attention help you take your company to the next level?

On May 18-19, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area businesses will have a chance to find out from Paul Spiegelman, CEO of The Beryl Co. and a burgeoning "thought leader" in the healthcare industry.

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During this one-on-one conversation, we'll explore how to get the media to notice your company's track record and create your "expert"-marketing platform.

Paul Spiegelman is the Author of "Why Is Everyone Smiling?" and CEO of Inc. 5000 company, The Beryl Co. He's turned his Texas call center firm into a customer service leader in the hyper-competitive healthcare industry.

For Spiegelman, becoming an "industry expert" allowed him to take his company to the next level above his competitors.

During this exclusive session, Spiegalman will share why, how and what he did to establish his market leading position and turn his company into a premium provider in a commoditized marketplace.  

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