Congratulations to two Council Members for recognition for business achievements that will help take their companies to the next level.

Bonnie Schnitta, SoundSense

Noise pollution can be a problem for some people, but now, thanks to Bonnie Schnitta, member of the Inc. Business Owners Council and founder and president of SoundSense, there is a new device that can be used in the testing stages of acoustic installations.  

Bonnie has just been awarded a patent by the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration for her invention, the dB focus tube, a "Sound Focusing Mechanism and Method of Estimating Acoustic Leakage of an Object and Method of Estimating Transmission Loss of an Object."  The new small portable acoustic testing mechanism is used to evaluate disturbing noises and can guarantee a solution to that problem.  In short, the dB focus tube allows experts to measure how much sound is traveling from room to room and where the noise is coming from so its disturbance can be eliminated.  

In recognition of the advances provided by the dB focus tube, SoundSense received the 2011 New York Enterprise Report Small Business Technology Award, has been recognized by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce for services to the overseas marketplace, and has won the 2011 International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge Award for the United States.  Additionally, Bonnie, individually, has been nominated for the WIPP Innovator of the Year Award, to be announced on October 25th.

Vigdis Eriksen, Eriksen Translations Inc.

Vigdis is the founder and CEO of Eriksen Translations Inc., a leading woman-owned multilingual services provider, which has just won its fifth award in the annual Women Presidents' Educational Organization's (WPEO) Done Deals™ Challenge, this time winning the prestigious Access New York City and New York State Award for the number of business deals it had with New York City and State government agencies.

Congratulations Bonnie and Vigdis!