With great anticipation, Inc. 5000 CEOs presented their secrets to e-commerce greatness on April 24 here at Inc.Magazine HQ in Downtown NYC. Terrence Kellemen of Dynomighty, based in Brooklyn's Dumbo, and New York based Gotham Dream Cars CEO, Noah Lehmann-Haupt shared two amazing success stories with the business owners of the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut community.

Terrence: As a "case study" for Google tools, Terrence has used the highly targeted Google platform --particularly YouTube (the second largest search engine on the web) so he could demonstrate his bricks and mortar product in use--to create more than 17 million page views of his product, the Dynomighty wallet, all for little to no money. His company has never had more demand than they do today as a result.

Noah: When Groupon and other "daily deal" sites came calling to Gotham Dream Cars, Noah had already heard the 'daily deal" horror stories. He created a new product, exclusively designed for success within the daily deal framework and has seen a massive uptick in revenues as a result. Noah had some cautionary tales about the "deal-seekers" that come his way but he's embraced the business model in a big way and is creating new products just for this customer.

Both Noah and Terrence agreed that social media was the next frontier for their marketing efforts. They believed that getting their current "fans" to promote their products to those personal networks was the next big opportunity. And take it from them, the big opportunity is out there for those who pursue it. 

Terrence offered the Dynomighty credo to all the attendees as they venture out into the new online marketplaces:

Be creative!
Be innovative!
Be mighty!

Thank you Noah and Terrence for sharing your wisdom and your acumen.

A special shout out to Vu Telepresence for partnering with The Council to bring this event to our community of business owners.