On Wednesday, June 22, I have the privilege of interviewing Steve Forbes, former Republican presidential hopeful, in front of an audience of the Greater New York business community at the Lighthouse Theater. This event is part of our "Mind of the Entrepreneur" series, sponsored by Rothstein Kass.

I've followed Forbes' politics for some time now. He's not just your ordinary econ wonk. He's also third generation CEO of Forbes, Inc. His grandfather started "the Capitalist Tool" (although his father, Malcolm Forbes gets credit for that moniker) and Forbes has made it their business to identify and celebrate the world's wealthiest people for a century. 

So, as we enter into a presidential campaign season, with the ongoing argument about Wall Street vs. Main Street and the best role for government when it comes to developing our economy, along with his famous "flat tax" idea, I'm glad to have the opportunity to get Steve Forbes' thoughts on the big issues that face business owners.

Should be a great night of fireworks.