Whenever someone says "company growth", they usuallymean sales. Sell more widgets, add more salespeople, move into more markets, make more phone calls, buy more advertising. 

But what about other ways to grow? On July 20, I've invited two Inc. 5000 CEOs that are growing their companies in ways that go beyond just plain sales.

Rick Haig of Haig Service Corp runs a fire and safety alarm company. Growth to him will come from acquiring other similar firms and the revenues that go with those firms. His growth will come from rolling up smaller businesses that haven't got the platform he's built. 

Wayne Pfisterer of Pfister Energy started out as a traditional roofer. Along the way, he discovered solar and renewable energy. Now he's a mover and shaker in the sustainable energy category. When other roofing companies asked him "how he did it," he began licensing his know how -- his marketing, project management and products -- to other roofers around the country. Now he's growing through licensing in addition to traditional sales. 

What are the non-traditional ways you can grow your company ? Join us on July 20 at Inc. HQ in downtown Manhattan to hear more about how Rick and Wayne are growing and learn the ins and outs of growth beyond sales.