Our upcoming healthcare reform event certainly has people talking. The event, to be held on November 9 in New York City and again November 10 in New Jersey, has lead to a number of emails and phone calls from people I know--all wishing to express their opinion about "The Affordable Care Act" prior to next week's event.

"Wait," I tell them. "Keep your powder dry until the event." But they must be heard and so I've listened to several very bright people whom I respect (including my father) about why they are good or bad, how they'll fix it or how they can't fix it or people who think it's going to be fixed are wrong or right. By the way, in this case, "they" can be anyone from the Democrats to the Republicans to the insurance industry, the voters or Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

In any event, it should be an interesting conversation. I'm looking forward to it and I'm mostly looking forward to hearing what Andy Torelli, a health insurance expert and my guest, has to say on this highly charged topic. He's the one who's going to help us interpret this complex, controversial legislation. Get a good night's sleep, Andy. You'll need it.