In 2003, Gabriel Shaoolian started Blue Fountain Media from his New York apartment. Today it has over 150 employees and is one of America's fastest growing companies. While scaling a company to that size would be an amazing feat in and of itself, it's what Blue Fountain Media sells that's particularly amazing. They have been able to deliver organic search engine results for their clients that are the envy of their industry. While it might seem easy for their big name clients like the National Football League and Proctor and Gamble, Gabriel showed an example of Blue Fountain Media's work which exemplifies the firm's capabilities.

In this case, their client was a Long Island, NY-based cardiology physician's practice called Long Island Heart Doctors. Working with Blue Fountain Media, Long Island Heart Doctors was able to acheive the top organic search result on page one when you type in "heart doctor," out-ranking everyone from Wikipedia to the nation's top cardiology hospitals.

Gabriel showed us how Blue Fountain Media accomplishes this:

1) Choose your keywords carefully. Identify several dozen, possibly more than one hundred keywords where you want to compete for top billing in organic search. In the case of Long Island Heart Doctors, one of the phrases they chose was "heart doctor."

2) Make sure these key words are used appropriately in your web site's title and meta tags.

3) Publish new content at regular, consistent intervals (more often is better but regularity is highly valued, too) on your web site in blogs, articles and resource centers. In terms of content, obviously Google loves words but it loves videos, too. Use those keywords in your headlines as much as possible.

4) Finally, share this content liberally with influencers in related industries. These include bloggers. social media mavens and magazines or other media platforms that cover your category. When these influencers create links back to your site (called "inbound links"), Google will start to recognize your site as a leading source of information about your category and you'll see your site rise up the Google search results.

While this formula sounds simple, it takes time and diligence. Gabriel advises:

  • Make sure you choose the keywords that you are concentrating your efforts on wisely. Some terms are hotly contested and you may never succeed at getting first page results.
  • Publish related content regularly.
  • Make sure you choose your influencers wisely and give them content they want to use.

Gabriel, thank you for sharing your great ideas with our New York area business owners community. You are a "fountain" of wisdom!

And thanks to our other special guest, Meade Hinton from Vu Telepresence--our program sponsor, who shared with the attendees their magic video telepresence machine that makes business travel a thing of the past.