Does your business model feel like it's out of step with the headlines? Do you wonder how you can benefit from the explosion in e-commerce taking place? 

Meet two Inc. 5000 CEOs who've managed to find great success selling their traditional physical products over the web. Terrence Kelleman of Dynomighty, maker of the Mighty Wallet and Noah Lehmann-Haupt of Gotham Dream Cars have managed to find break though success with e-commerce platforms. 

During this live panel session with these two dynamic CEOs, you'll learn:

  • Risk-free ways to experiment with marketing and selling your products online
  • Ways to access millions of potential customers
  • What steps to take--and what to avoid--when entering into e-commerce partnerships

Most of all, you'll hear from two fellow CEOs what the real opportunity is when it comes to selling bricks and mortar products over the internet.

If you're a business owner, join us for this exclusive April 24 event at Inc. Magazine HQ by clicking here.