Chip Nyborg, CEO of Tri-State Elevator and a member of Inc. Magazine's Business Owners Council, just sent me a lovely bulletin inviting me to attend a screening about Muhammad Yunas' success at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. You may know Mr. Yunas' name for his 2006 Nobel Prize given to him because of the work he has done in impoverished Bangladesh by providing micro-loans, small and typically uncollatoralized loans to budding entrepreneurs, often women.

How did Chip Nyborg come into possession of this exciting bulletin? He goes to the same church as Mr. Yunas' daughter, Monica Yunas, in Westchester County, NY and she sent it to him and others. What a small world!

The story of Grameen Bank and Muhammad Yunas is very exciting, at times controversial and extremely important. Muhammad Yunas' story, entitled "To Catch A Dollar" is showing in theaters on March 31 at 7:30PM.

To find out about a showing near you, go to:

Entrepreneurship is a universal phenomenon. There are people around the world with little education and even less resources who dream of building a business and they are no different than our own Silicon Valley hotshots. Ideas, hard work, risk-taking and belief in themselves motivates them to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of those around them.

Check out this documentary if you are able and learn about this incredibly powerful story of innovation and commitment.