As the newly-minted head of the newly-minted Inc. Business Owners Council chapter in San Francisco and Silcon Valley, I'm especially excited about having Blair LaCorte, CEO of XOJET address the Inaugural meeting of the chapter.

XOJET is a remarkable story. As a recent start-up venture, it has been legitimately successful in a private jet industry that has suffered considerable market erosion and at a time when cut-backs in private jet travel have become the norm. Contrary to the experience of most of its competitors, XOJET is aggressively adding aircraft, routes and customers. With the funding and "connections" support of private equity firm TPG, XOJET is poised for continued success. 

CEO Brian LaCorte has a remarkable story to tell. In a Charlie Rose-type interview/presentation, he'll provide the honest and candid back-story to this entrepreneurial success and explain why recessions are irrelevant to start-ups with a clear vision, uninterrupted focus and fierce ethic of performance.

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